About Us


Mission Statement

Live Dead Russia exists to plant the church in remote mountain villages, in crowded cities, and on the desolate steppes of Russia. We’re here for the 88 unreached people groups and the 13.5 million people within these groups who have little or no access to the gospel (as of July 2017).


We believe that signs and wonders will accompany bold proclamation.

We assume that the newest believer has the capacity to be filled with the Spirit, lead others to conversion, and begin discipling (while at times staying only one step ahead of those he or she is discipling). This will result in the multiplication of believers and house churches.

We believe that spending one’s life on the frontier is a constant joy and amazing privilege.

We go to great effort to plant churches in partnership with the Russian national church as we are convinced that with the blessing of Jesus, they have the potential to accomplish this mission faster and more efficiently than we can.


  • Teams
  • Widespread Gospel Sharing
  • Discipleship
  • Rapidly Reproducing Churches