Whenever we visit a local village, we pray that God would give us a person of peace—someone who will welcome us in, be receptive to the gospel, and connect us with others (Matt. 10:11-13). We don’t normally expect the answered prayed to come in the form of a 15-year-old Roma (or gypsy) girl!

Lydia lives in a village an hour outside our city. She recently came to faith while visiting a Roma house church and has been sharing with her family constantly since then. As a result, her three brothers have come to faith and her parents are seriously considering Christianity as well. Recently, Lydia organized a prayer meeting at her home, and thirty Roma people showed up! Our team leader was there and got to see two new Roma pray to receive Christ and many others encounter the Holy Spirit!

Every week there are more Roma coming to faith in our region. The problem now is there aren’t enough people to disciple them! Join us in praying that God would raise up Russian workers from the local church to disciple these new believers.

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