Several months ago, I began befriending a woman from an unreached people group in a very conservative Muslim republic. The first time I shared the gospel with her, she said she believed, but I felt like she just wanted to appease me.

But then we hung out several weeks later and she told me that she knows she’s forgiven because Jesus already paid the sacrifice for her sins! At the end of her five daily prayers, she always adds, “And thank you that forgiveness doesn’t depend on me, but that you’ve done everything already.”

Talk about fertile soil already prepared by the Holy Spirit!

My friend admits she’s a “strange Muslim,” and she likes how Christians can pray anywhere and anytime with no rituals. She really wants to read the Bible, so she downloaded it onto her phone, and now she wants to meet with me to read the Scriptures together.

Pray for my friend as she begins to more intentionally seek and follow Jesus. Pray that she will grow in her knowledge of the truth and that the Holy Spirit will give her boldness to share. Pray for the salvation of herself, her family, and her people.

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