One night in the dormitory, a random student overheard my teammate and I chatting in English. He invited us to come and meet his friend Gabby who had just returned from studying in America. We agreed and went to introduce ourselves to Gabby. As we began talking, I began to share some of my testimony.

At the mention of God, I saw Gabby’s eyes light up with a huge smile. “Are you a believer?” I asked. “Yes!” she replied. “I became a Christian after my host family in America brought me to church. But now I am here and there are no believers anywhere. I have even been trying to find Christian resources online to help me.” Excitedly, we asked Gabby if she would like to study the Bible with us. She exclaimed, “Yes, please!”

Since then, we have met Gabby every week and watched her grow strong in her new faith. She has even shared the Scriptures that we read with her depressed mother and best friend!

Praise God for leading us to Gabby. Pray that God would use her as a light to lead others to salvation here in Russia!

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