Marwan came to Moscow on a student visa to escape his country of Sudan and to live a somewhat normal life. Sudan is a heavily persecuted country, and Marwan’s father was killed for resisting a regime’s takeover. A friend of his was killed under the accusation of being an atheist. After seeing absolute horrors committed in the name of “god” and “religion,” Marwan promised himself upon escaping that, he would never let someone else tell him how to live.

When I shared the gospel with Marwan, his first time ever hearing it, he was immediately drawn to the love of Jesus. He began to read the Gospel of John, and after a few meetings he made the decision to receive Jesus’ free gift of salvation and follow Him! He now feels so much peace in his heart, something he was previously desperate for. He also prays every day in Arabic, talking to Jesus like a friend, as modeled for him.

Marwan, though not his real name, means “flintstone.” Would you pray that through him God would spark a church planting movement among Arabic speakers in Moscow?

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