During a recent mountain climbing trip with my Muslim friend “T”, I had the opportunity to follow up on the faith conversations we started last winter. We talked a lot about forgiveness, about how we can never truly be at peace unless we forgive and how we need God’s help to love and forgive others all the time. T really seemed to receive these truths.

Then at the top of a 14,000-foot mountain, I looked on as T stopped to pray the “salat,” the prayers Muslims do five times daily. (I think we could all learn something from the Muslim commitment to prayer.)

Later, a friend came to visit me and asked T what he believed. He replied, “I am a Muslim, but I really see the truth in the words of Jesus and I want to love Jesus, too.” I just about fell out of my chair! Now I am praying about how I with the Spirit’s guidance can help T fall more in love with Jesus so that he can see the truth of Jesus for himself.

Join me in praying for T’s salvation!

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