“My own sister-in-law reported me because I allowed missionaries to stay in my home,” said a Tajik believer who lives in Russia. “If I do anything related to that work and she finds out about it, she will report me. All my neighbors discriminate against me; it’s very stressful.”

There are few Tajik believers in Russia (although most Tajiks are Muslims who are heavily influenced by folk traditions). Many Tajiks speak both the Tajik and Russian languages and are able to travel freely between Russia, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. This would allow Tajik believers to share Jesus with people groups that many other workers could not access.

Father, please give dreams and visions to the Tajik people of Russia as You break through the darkness. We declare freedom for these captives. Hope is here! May Your light shine upon them. We believe that You will begin a church planting movement in Russia among the Tajik people.

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