On a flight recently, I sat next to a sweet lady, Desy. She shared her Pringles with me, so I shared my chocolate with her. I shared my testimony about Jesus’ deliverance in my life and His miraculous power. She was open to more so I shared the gospel with her and she prayed with me to accept Jesus!

For the remainder of the three-hour flight, I talked to her about how to follow Jesus and she said she planned to share this good news with her Muslim friends! She then asked a couple questions: What should I do about my Muslim friends, and who do you love first: your husband or God? I explained that I love God first and my husband second, and that my husband does the same.

One of the lessons I taught her on the plane was about baptism, and she plans to get baptized! The believers I know who live near her are helping me connect her with believers in her city. Praise Jesus! Pray for Desy that she will grow in her new faith, get baptized, and share her new faith with Muslim friends!

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