For the past several years, a teammate and I have been friends with Jamal, his brother, and their wider circle of friends. While others at times showed more direct interest in Jesus or the Bible, Jamal always struck us as slowly inching his way towards the Light, consistently asking good questions.

Recently, something amazing happened! Jamal came over for dinner and told us that he had read all of Genesis and most of Exodus in the Bible I gave him and really liked it.

He shared that he had a dream that he thought was from God. The main point of the dream was that on his own he couldn’t see clearly, but that my teammate and I had a message that God was trying to speak him.

After a lot of time in prayer, my teammate and I met with Jamal again and shared what we thought the interpretation of his dream was:

1) God is speaking to you about spiritual blindness and a new way.

2) He has pointed us out as those who can show you the way.

3) Jesus is the one who heals the blind.

We were so encouraged that Jamal was receptive and wants to keep meeting!

Please pray for Jamal as we believe this is a crucial time in his spiritual journey!

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