A few days ago, I was driving through a small town with a Russian believer and he pointed out a house with a large number of cars parked outside. “Do you see all those cars? It’s like that all the time. This is where the local witchdoctor lives, and they’re here to see him.”

Not long ago I was talking with a believer who comes from a Muslim unreached people group. He told me in his small village the local imam gave him and everyone else folded paper triangles and warned them, “Never open these, but keep one with you at all times.” After my friend became a follower of Christ, he heard a voice say, “Open it.” Immediately he knew the Spirit was talking about those paper triangles. When he opened one, he found pentagrams, the number 666, and other types of black magic inside. He immediately burned all the triangles and told his family to do the same.

While pure Islam rejects witchcraft, a lot of our Muslim friends regularly turn to it for help with everyday issues. Islam doesn’t answer the question, “What do I do when I get sick?” “How do I protect myself against the evil eye?” or “How do I find guidance for a big decision?”

Pray with us against the spiritual stronghold of witchcraft among the Muslims of Russia!

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