A few weeks ago in a café, Abel recounted his experience working at a Christian camp in the U.S. over the summer. He told Steven that he always joined the camp prayer meetings and felt closer to God there than he had ever felt in Russia.

“Did anyone there explain the gospel to you?” Steven asked. “Yeah, a little bit,” Abel replied. Steven then shared the full story how our Savior paid the price for our sins to be forgiven. Abel was amazed, and right there in the café, he bowed his head to pray in his native dialect. He said later that he felt a warmth rise up inside him as soon as he repented of his sins before God!

Since then, Abel has traveled abroad and it has been difficult to get ahold of him. We did give him a copy of the Russian Bible. Pray that the Spirit continues His work in Abel and that Abel becomes “good soil,” the kind that receives salvation with joy and also multiplies, spreading the gospel to others and birthing a harvest of souls among the unreached people groups in southwest Russia.

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