At a mall a few weeks ago, my teammate and I stopped to talk to a couple of girls from Kyrgyzstan. One of them, Mira, told us she had turned away from Islam and accepted Jesus as Savior several years ago.

However, after she moved to Russia, she fell into sin and became pregnant, and when she tried to return to her church back in Kyrgyzstan, she was turned away for having a child out of wedlock. Deep in her heart, Mira longed to restore her relationship with God, and so we invited her and her friend to have coffee with us a week later. There Mira prayed and committed her life to Jesus once again!

Mira has started reading the Bible in her native language for the very first time, and she is excited to share Jesus with her Central Asian co-workers. She is praying and believing that her Muslim family back in Kyrgyzstan will come to know Him as well.

Pray that Mira will become a person of peace who will spark a movement of salvation and discipleship among Central Asians!

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