Many Filipinos come to Moscow to work as nannies and house cleaners. While the majority of them identify as Catholic, many do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Recently, I met a Filipino woman named Nona, and I knew immediately that the Lord had crossed our paths. She works seven days a week to provide for her family back in the Philippines, and I could sense the desperation in her life. She was tired, burdened with personal issues and feeling alone without her two children. She told me that she just felt empty inside. I assured her that she wasn’t alone and that there is hope even in our darkest circumstances. I shared the gospel with her, and she accepted Jesus as Savior!

Nona is still very young in her faith and challenged by many things from her past. I have been discipling her, and she attended her first Sunday service with me on Christmas Eve.

Pray that Nona continues to grow in her faith and trust in God. Pray also that her employer will grant her request for Sundays off so that she can attend church and take a Sabbath day of rest.

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