Tyler didn’t think much of it when he came home and found his friend Hasan asleep on the couch. The next morning, Hasan told Tyler that something strange happened the night before: “When I came to your house, I felt this peace like I never felt before.”

Then Hasan described some dreams he had while asleep. One was a narrow bridge stretching across a pit. People approached the bridge but were too afraid to cross it.

“I felt that whatever was on the other side of the bridge was better than where I was,” Hasan said.

Tyler replied, “Those dreams are from Jesus,” and he began to share how the Lord saved him from a life of sin. This resonated with Hasan who admitted he battled sin daily and even fasted over it. Tyler prayed with him, and then they both left to start their busy days.

But that evening Hasan returned to Tyler and exclaimed: “What did you do? I didn’t struggle with this sin. I felt protected all day!”

The Holy Spirit is clearly drawing Hasan. Please pray that he will make the decision to cross the bridge and follow Jesus!

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