“What are those?” Kira asked about the writing on our wall. “Those are Bible verses,” we replied. Her eyes lit up. She told us how she was unsatisfied with Islam and wanted to try “the Christian way.” We excitedly shared Jesus with her and invited her to study the Bible with us. She agreed.

Kira’s spiritual hunger awed us as she read the Word for the first time. She said, “I am so happy I finally have friends to talk with about God.” The next week we asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. To our great joy, she bowed her head and prayed for salvation!

Since then, it’s become clear that Kira is still on her way to fully understanding what it means to follow Jesus. Pray for her as she comes to truly make Him Lord of her life, and pray for her family’s salvation as she has already started sharing the gospel with them!

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