Jesus Died for Me?

Three team members were out sowing seeds when they saw an Uzbek man standing at the entrance to the train terminal. They started a conversation with him and learned he was desperately looking for work.

When they shared with him about Jesus, he said, “You mean, Jesus died for me?!?!” It’s heartbreaking to know that there are so many like him who’ve never once heard about what Jesus did for them.

As they talked with him, one team member felt the Holy Spirit wanted him to tell the man that Jesus would provide a job for him. So, he shared that with him and prayed for him right there. When he finished, he said, “I’ve never seen someone pray like that—and especially for me.”

Two days later, the Lord answered our prayer. The man got the job he was hoping for!

Since then, the team members have had several meetings with this man, and while he hasn’t made a decision yet, he seems to be very close to receiving Christ. Pray for his salvation!

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