We gathered in the guest house kitchen, chilled from our stargazing trip atop the mountains surrounding this unreached Muslim village. Our hostess graciously prepared tea for us and joined us at the table to chat. When we told her that we knew each other from church, she said, “Oh, that’s good. All people who believe in God are good people.” We smiled and respectfully disagreed, explaining that even the best of us do bad things and require God’s forgiveness.

For the next hour and a half, we shared with her and her husband about how our sin separates us from God and how Christ’s sacrifice provides our way back to Him. “This is good news,” we said. Our hostess nodded, “Yes, this is good news.” When we asked her if she would like to know Jesus, she sadly declined. But two days later as we were leaving, we handed her a gift that astounded her — a Bible translated in her local dialect.

Please pray for our hosts and their family in this tiny mountain village, that the Lord will draw them to read His Word, remember what we shared, and surrender their lives to Christ and that others in their village will follow them.

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