The other day, three of us were at a mall to share the gospel with whoever we met. One of our group noticed three Central Asian young men, so we sat and waited for God to provide an opportunity to begin a natural conversation. Just then, a loud, strange tropical bird noise sounded over the mall speakers. That grabbed everyone’s attention and one of the young men and I began to talk about it.

Eventually in our conversation, my friends and I shared with him about the problem of sin and how our Father provided the answer in His Son’s sacrifice for us. “If God provides a gift, we should accept it,” and the young man agreed. At the end of the conversation, we asked if he believed what we said. He said yes but immediately and nervously looked toward the other two men sitting there. He then asked for my number. We texted him instructions on how to respond and extended an invitation to meet again.

Please pray for “Ali,” that he will accept Jesus and bear fruit many times over, and pray that we and those we meet and talk to would fear God more than man.

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