The motor sputtered and died yet again. Jordan sighed in disappointment. Realizing the car wasn’t going to start, he walked to the nearest village for help. At the first house, a man greeted him in the yard as he explained his situation in broken Russian.

Without hesitation, the Muslim man, Alfir, invited Jordan in. Over tea they discussed many things including the person of Jesus. Jordan explained how Jesus desired to have a relationship with Alfir and how Jesus longed for people to love each other. Alfir agreed that loving each other was good, but he just couldn’t accept that Jesus died for his sins. Jordan asked if he could pray for Alfir, and as he prayed, he asked the Holy Spirit to soften Alfir’s heart.

After their short conversation, Alfir offered to help Jordan get back on the road. He jumped into the driver’s seat and commanded Jordan to push. As he popped the clutch, the engine came to life. They exchanged blessings and parted ways.

Jesus, we pray for the soften the hearts of those we meet and that they will come to know Jesus as Savior, Friend, and Lord.

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